Maybe you’ve seen one of your officemates using a standing desk or heard one of your friend’s suggestions about them. Growing in popularity, standing desks are taking the professional world by storm and providing an alternative to sedentary work days. Evidence suggests that sitting too long is harmful to your health and can harm your circulation, make it harder to focus, and cause damage to your body over time.

In case you’re interested in a standing desk but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve created a review of theVARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk as a reference for your search. Read on to find out what a standing desk can do for you and whether the VARIDESK 36 could be a good option for your needs.


  • Made to handle bigger workspace requirements and dual-monitor systems
  • Has a two-tier design to provide upper display spot for monitors
  • Has roomy lower keyboard and mouse desk surface
  • Height adjustable to 11 positions for full customizability
  • Maintains sturdiness and stability
  • Uses a spring-loaded lifting mechanism to extend within 3 seconds for standing/sitting positions
  • Comes ready to use straight out of the box, will not require assembly

Vari VariDesk Pro Plus 36 - Adjustable Desk Converter with 11 Height Settings - Laptop Sit Stand Desk Riser for Table Tops and Home Office- Fully Assembled with Spring Loaded Lift- Black

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The VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 doesn’t require you to fuss over difficult installation procedures—it comes fully assembled right out of the box. Just clear off your workspace to make room for the desk and you’re ready to go. It weighs just over 50 pounds, so you may need the help of another person to put this up on your desk.

Dual Monitor Capability

This Pro Plus 36 is capable of accommodating two monitors, but it can also comfortably work with single monitor setups. It can hold up to about 33 pounds, so it can comfortably support most computer monitors.

Spring-assisted for Easy Adjustment

It has a sturdy construction and a spring-assisted mechanism for making adjustments, so changing the desk position is effortless. All you have to do is engage the two clips on either side, then draw up to elevate the desk.

Modifying the height will only take seconds, so you can go from a sitting position to standing without any hassle and without even disrupting your workflow. It doesn’t have an electric motor, so it won’t distract your workmates when you adjust its height.

Sturdy and Secure

The desk provides a variety of height levels you can employ. With everyday usage, the desk is solid and secure, except if you employ the unit at its maximum height.

The tray is spacious enough to accommodate your keyboard. The surface for the mouse is also sizable for your own comfort. The desk’s surface is composed of stippled matte plastic material and serves as a great surface for your mouse. No additional mouse pad should be necessary with this desk.

Works for Left-handed Workers

You can position the mouse to the left or right of the keyboard since it has a symmetrical surface. This is another benefit of the desk because it can accommodate left-handed users.

The desk will work with a wired setup for the keyboard or mouse as there’s plenty of space for wires. But if you are linking to a desktop PC, just check to make sure the wires are long enough to accommodate your computer at the desk.


Using this desk at the maximum height level will bring the desk towards the user, thus you have to lean down on the keyboard tray to steady it. This can lead to some instability of the desktop.  Due to its arrangement, you have to be careful choosing height levels and shouldn’t use it fully extended. Just adjust it to a height that is comfortable for you.

Another potential downside for this product is the cost as it’s pretty pricey for a standing desk.  It’s definitely a premium product if that’s what you’re looking for.  There are other inexpensive standing desk toppers available if you are looking to save some money.


Transitioning from a sitting position to a standing one can be annoying with some products. But with theVARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk, the whole experience of changing positions is easy and comfortable. If you want to try this setup, you can go slowly at first—try working in a standing position for an hour in the beginning, then increase the amount as you get used to it. The desk makes the whole transition easier because of its excellent structure and design. All in all, it’s a great investment.