Since sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy, height-adjustable desks are a potential solution to our modern work habits. Taking breaks from your sedentary position, even if you’re only standing intermittently, can significantly boost your health with minimal effort. Standing for even a short period can immediately boost blood circulation, as well as relieve the stress on your lower back and neck.

TheStand Up Desk Store 48-Inch Stand Up Desk is an adjustable height standing desk.  It uses a crank adjustable platform that enables you to change positions quickly and easily. It allows you to choose between sitting or standing throughout the day without disrupting your workflow to switch.

S STAND UP DESK STORE Crank Adjustable Tier Standing Desk with Heavy Duty Steel Frame (Silver Frame/Dark Walnut Top, 48in Wide)


  • Heavy duty steel frame has a silver gray powder coat finish to ensure years of use without visible signs of wear and tear
  • User-friendly crank allows you to adjust from sitting position to standing position
  • Adjust from 33.5 inches to 47.25 inches in one smooth crank adjustment (measured from the upper surface)
  • Features a two-tier shelf design to accommodate the monitor and keyboard separately
  • Enables you to place the monitor at proper viewing height to reduce eye strain
  • Reduces the risk of back and neck pain caused by strain and poor posture
  • May help you burn more calories while you work
  • Product meets the minimum requirement of both ANSI and BIFMA standards
  • Black frame with a black top as well as 4 other color options

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The 48-Inch Stand Up Desk provides you with the option of having a stand-up desk as well as a sitting desk, rather than having to choose between them.  It provides the benefits of better posture, reducing the risk of back and neck pains from staying sedentary for hours.

Easy Adjustment

The steel frame contains a rail allowing for a smooth transition between settings.  Adjusting the position is quick and easy, giving you the option to relieve yourself from sitting too long without interrupting your work.

Recent studies have shown that remaining seated for long periods could eventually lead to back and neck pains, eye strain, as well as varicose veins. These risks are easy to overlook during an 8-hour workday when your main focus is being as productive as you can.

The Stand Up Desk Store Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk helps you reduce the risk of these ailments. Standing for at least 30 minutes at a time can significantly boost your blood circulation, which provides your body with oxygen and keeps you alert.

Affordable Price

It’s not just constant standing that comes with this benefit. It’s also been shown that even switching from a sitting position at work to a standing one can promote better blood circulation. Better circulation can lead to improved work productivity as a result.  So getting an adjustable-height stand-up desk at a relatively low cost is an excellent investment in your health and productivity.

Wide 2-Tier Shelf

The product features a wide 2-tier shelf that easily accommodates your computer unit, mouse, and keyboard, as well as other office supplies. It also allows you to position your monitor at the optimal height.

The two desk shelves provide you with an ample 47-inch workspace.  The upper desk shelf is 14 inches deep and easily accommodates most computer monitors (there is even room for dual displays). The lower shelf is 16 inches deep and provides plenty of space for your mouse and keyboard.


The 48-Inch Stand Up Desk requires assembly.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow, although it does take a bit of time to put together.

The desk is fairly heavy at 86 pounds, but moving it around the room is not an issue due to its furniture casters.


The Stand Up Desk Store 48-Inch Stand Up Desk provides good value for the money compared to its competitors.  The overall weight of the desk is an indication of how sturdy the design of the desk is.

This crank powered adjustable-height desk requires little effort to switch between sitting and standing to optimize the comfort of your office throughout the day.  Its wide surface area for both tiers is more than enough to accommodate a computer, mouse keyboard, and common office supplies, while the upper platform provides an ergonomic stand for one or two monitors.

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