Standing desks are highly recommended for people who work long hours in the office. Sitting in front of a desk for an extended period of time carries health risks and can get uncomfortable over time. And if taking short breaks isn’t enough, you should try using a standing desk.

A standing desk is a fixture which allows users to transition from sitting to a standing position through height adjustments on the desk. You can change your position at work anytime you prefer and make working in the office kinder to your neck, back, and legs.

Interested now? Then it’s time to look for options. Reviews are a great way to discover how these products work, where they excel and what drawbacks they might have. You can begin your search by reading about theStand Up Desk Store 40-Inch Workstation below.


  • Ensures good posture and decreased neck and back pain
  • May support a slimmer waist, better focus, and a boost in productivity
  • Lower and upper shelf height can be adjusted in 1-inch increments
  • Has two-tier design which positions the monitor at correct viewing height and keyboard/mouse at a correct functioning height
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • silver-gray powder finish for style
  • Includes 3-inch furniture casters
  • Desk locks into place by means of two locking brakes
  • Desk meets minimum requirements of ANSI/BIFMA specifications

Stand Up Desk Store Rolling Adjustable Height Two Tier Standing Desk Computer Workstation (Silver Frame/Black Top, 40' Wide)

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The 40-Inch adjustable height standing desk is durable and built to comfortably accommodate everyday usage. It has a nice appearance and should fit in with your existing décor due to its uniform, neutral color. It has metal components that are powder-coated which means it’s extra durable and should last for a long time. However, this model is not fully assembled so it will take some setting up.

Crank Adjustment

This is a versatile office fixture since by using such a unit, you will be able to work in a sitting or standing position or switch between them. It includes a crank handle so users can adjust the upper surface to between 33.5 inches and 47.5 inches. Making these adjustments is quick and simple.

Saves Space

The upper level of this unit has a measurement of 39.4 inches wide and a depth of 14 inches, while the fixed keyboard shelf has a depth of 16 inches. The unit also includes a lower rack for your computer to save space.

Easy to Move

Another advantage of this workstation is that it comes with wheels, which makes moving them a breeze. Two of the wheels are braked to boot. If you work at home, this is an ideal workstation to have since you can move it to any spot around the house. While you may not be able to move it inside a more formal office setting, a workstation with two wheels in your home office can still prove to be an advantage.

Complete workstation

The Stand Up Desk Store 40 inch desk is a complete workstation. It’s made of high-quality materials and is a very sturdy workstation.

Extra Pieces Included

As mentioned earlier, the workstation/standing desk needs to be assembled. It will take you around 30-40 minutes with all equipment required in case you are doing it solo. You can do the whole procedure faster if you ask another person to help you with the assembly. The package includes extras of the required pieces for setup and the directions are easy to understand.


For some, assembling the entire workstation/standing desk up can be tedious to do alone. For a faster assembly, you can ask a friend to help you with the process.


The Stand Up Desk Store 40-Inch Computer Workstation is for individuals who want to get rid of their current work desks and want to experience standing and sitting intermittently at work.

With this fixture on hand, you can easily transition between the sitting position and standing position in a matter of seconds. This product has excellent construction, is made with quality materials and provides an easy and fast way to switch positions as you work. Although pricier than other models the higher cost of the Stand Up Desk Store 40-Inch Workstation is justified due to its superb construction and overall topnotch performance.

If you don’t need height adjustment on the fly and are looking for a slightly more minimalist design, the Mobile Standup Desk by Stand Up Desk Store might be worth a look.

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