.Anyone who works at a computer for long periods is probably already familiar with eyestrain or neck and back pain.  If you’re looking for an easy fix to help energize you throughout the day, you may opt to purchase an adjustable standing desk. Sitting for long periods is known to hinder blood flow not only to the legs but also to your back and arms.

Repeated sitting, day after day, can not only lead to bad circulation but also induce lower-back strain.  Experts claim that standing every 30 minutes or so can significantly benefit your health. And that working while standing up not only helps with overall circulation but also helps with good posture.

The Mobile Standup Desk provides the health benefits gained from standing up. This product makes that possible while providing an ample work surface to let you continue with your tasks. The standing desk provides a wide workspace with a monitor mount to help maximize the surface area of the desktop.


  • Product Dimensions: 39.25” W X 28.5” D X 28.75–42.75” H
  • Desk height adjusts from 28.75 inches to 42.75 inches in 1-inch increments
  • Monitor mount with a wide range of adjustability, which includes swivel and tilt
  • Monitor mount capable of holding a 24-inch monitor at maximum height and 25 lbs. in weight
  • Large 39.25 in by 28.5 in shelf design provides ample workspace
  • Sturdy frame with a silver gray powder coat finish
  • Meets the minimum requirements of both ANSI and BIFMA standards

Stand Up Desk Store Rolling Adjustable Height Mobile Standing Desk with Monitor Mount (Silver Frame/Matte Black Top, 40' Wide)

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The Mobile Stand Up Desk converts your workspace into a more comfortable and productive environment. Its mobility allows you versatility around the floor to best suit your needs. Its adjustable height promotes an ergonomic workstation to aid in energy and focus.

Adjustable Viewing Position

The adjustable monitor mount allows for a more comfortable viewing position. It can hold up to a 24-inch monitor at a maximum height of 42.75 inches, as well as a maximum load of 25 pounds.

You can adjust the mount along its single-rail frame, which enables you to adjust to your eye level. This small adjustment can greatly reduce neck and eye strain.  If you would prefer the desk without the mount, it can be removed.

Furniture Casters

Once you’ve set the adjustable-height stand-up desk to a specific height of both desktop and monitor height, you can customize it further. The sturdy main frame is also fitted with 3″ furniture casters. These allow you to easily roll it into place it anywhere in the room or move it to another room altogether.

Wheel Locking Feature

The wheels are sturdy, move easily, and come with a locking feature to prevent the desk from moving from where you position it. The 40-inch available workspace provides ample surface area for whatever you’re currently working on.

While it may seem comfortable to work sitting down, studies have shown that sitting for long periods can lead to long-term health issues.  It is quite easy to let time pass while working without even noticing that you’ve spent most of the 8-hour workday sitting.  The benefits of standing up while working should not be ignored, though.  For one, you can increase your metabolism and burn more calories without even trying.


The main disadvantage is that the height adjustment is difficult.

While the Mobile Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk does allow for the desk to be set at a sitting level or standing level, once the height is set up to a specific level, it is best left as is. A number of screws need to be undone to re-adjust the desk and screwed back in to lock it in place.  It does not adjust on the fly like many other standing desks.


This product does serve its purpose, albeit the “adjustable” part becomes irrelevant once it has been put up. The40” Mobile Adjustable Standup Desk provides a large work surface, as well as an optional adjustable monitor mount that can easily suit a wide range of users.

The frame is well-built, with casters that provide excellent mobility and locking brakes for when you’ve found the perfect spot for it.