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Dry erase markers are both fun and useful for your home office. In addition to your whiteboard, they can be used on multiple different surfaces. But a common frustration with these pens is that they tend to dry out fast if you don’t properly store them. I’ll cover the best ways to keep your pens working like new, a few different storage options, and frequently asked questions on the topic.

Quick Tips for Keeping Markers Fresh

Here are a couple of fast tips for keeping your pens juicy as long as possible.

Store Them Upside Down

Storing the markets with the caps up will cause them to dry out fast. Storing them with the caps down, on the other hand, keeps them fresh and ready to write. The simple reason for this is that gravity helps keep the ink in the tips of the pens, so you can use them for longer.

Storing your pens horizontally is also a good potential option, depending on the storage device you’re using with them.

Hold Onto Extra Caps

Another quick tip for keeping your markers fresh is making sure you always have a cap for them. It’s easy to lose marker caps in the whirlwind of your busy days. You can combat this by holding onto the lids from the dry erase markers you’re about to throw away. That way, when you lose or break a cap, you’ll have some extras ready to go.

Below, I’ll cover a few different types of storage solutions you can use for your dry erase markers. While some are better for use in just one place, others are portable and can be easily toted around or used for multiple purposes.

Dry Erase Marker Storage Options


The 10-Slot Wall-Mounted Metal Holder Rack

MyGift 10-Slot Wall-Mounted Metal Office Organizer Dry Erase Marker and Eraser Holder Rack, White

If you have limited desk space and a have a hard time keeping your workspace free from clutter, you might want a wall-mounted storage solution. This will keep your pens within easy reach without taking up room on your main workstation.

The 10-Slot Wall-Mounted Marker Holder has a sleek, durable design and comes with 10 slots for keeping your markers upside down. It also has a rectangular slot to keep your eraser close-by and ready to use.

Easy to install, this product can be mounted to your wall for quick access to dry erase markers in your office. You can expect this metal holder to maintain its shape well over the years.


The Learning Resources Magnetic Whiteboard Storage Pocket

Learning Resources Magnetic Whiteboard Storage Pocket - 1 Piece Classroom Organizer, Teacher Supplies and Resources

The Learning Resources Magnetic Whiteboard Storage Pocket works with any magnetic-receptive surface, including your file cabinet. It comes with two compartments to organize your dry erase markers and whiteboard accessories. This is a good pick for people who will be using their dry erase storage device in one place and don’t need to bring it around with them.

Large Capacity

The BTSKY 120-Slots Canvas Marker Case

BTSKY New 120 Slots Marker Case Lipstick Organizer--Canvas Markers Holder for for Primascolor Markers and Sketch Markers (Black)

The BTSKY Canvas Marker Case is a good pick for people who need to store a lot of markers. It also comes with a strap for portability and can be used to store lipstick and other similar shaped items.

The BTSKY Canvas Marker Case is made with strong canvas with a sturdy zipper for secure storage. Each of the 120 slots is stretchy to fit different sized items and the case comes with two buckles for additional security.

Clear Caddy

The mDesign Plastic Portable Organizer

mDesign Plastic Portable Craft Storage Organizer Caddy Tote, Divided Basket Bin with Handle for Crafts, Sewing, Art Supplies - Holds Brushes, Colored Pencils - Lumiere Collection - Clear

The mDesign Plastic Craft Caddy Tote is great not only for dry erase markers but many other items. You can use it for both your home office and as a storage container for your kids’ arts and crafts items. This organizer has a, which clear design makes it easy to see what’s inside and keep everything in its proper place.

The mDesign Plastic Craft Caddy has a convenient handle for easy transport. The tote is versatile and has a compact size that you can fit easily into many spots in your home office.

whiteboard markers on a stoolDon’t store your markers like this.

Photo by Mark Rabe on Unsplash

Frequency Asked Questions about Whiteboard Markers

Like anything else, there are right and wrong ways to take care of dry erase markers and whiteboards. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you out with this:

How long should I expect my dry erase markers to last?

It depends on how well you care for them and how often you use the markers. But, in general, as long as you store the markers either horizontally or with the lids facing down, they can last up to a couple of years. Make sure you always have the pen caps on tight, so they don’t dry out in between uses.

And, as mentioned earlier in the article, keep spare caps around from your old pens so you’re never without an extra lid when you need one. This will help your markers last as long as possible.

Do I need to clean my whiteboard? How often should I do it?

Cleaning your whiteboard will get rid of the marker residue buildup and help it last longer. It will also prevent staining, which can happen when you leave marker on the board for too long. You can get a special product for this, like the EXPO Dry Erase Cleaning Spray, to ensure great results.

In some cases, if you’re dealing with stains, you might have to add some rubbing alcohol to your cleaning cloth to fully clean the board.

Is it possible to revive dried out dry erase pens?

A: It’s normal for dry erase pens to wear out if you’ve had them for a long time. If your pen is still fairly new, however, you may be able to revive it by storing it upside down for a full 24 hours with the lid tightly in place. Otherwise, you may be able to use pliers to remove the tip and turn it around, then reinsert it to freshen up the pen. Note that this only works with some brands.

Another option is tying or taping string to your marker and spinning it around in the air. The centrifugal force will cause the ink to travel back toward the tip of the pen, so you can use it again for a while.

If you follow all the tips in this article for properly storing, using, and reviving your pens, they should last for a long time. Always remember to place the caps tightly on the pens and keep them either horizontal or upside down between uses.

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