A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to add some pizazz to your office. Here are some of our favorite home office paint color ideas.

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Whether you use your home office for freelance work, a telecommuting job, or for simply paying the household bills, creating an environment that is inviting and productive is a must.

If you’re like me, your home office is the neglected space of your home décor. I used to keep my home office relatively bare since I focused my style efforts on the living room, master bedroom and alike – since these were the places I entertain guests and hang out in the most.

Once I put some time and effort into making my home office more inviting and comfortable, I started spending more time in there. And guess what? I started getting more work done.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to update your office is painting. With so many home office paint color ideas out there, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites and elaborate on how they can physiologically and stylistically improve your home office experience.

Colors to Improve Productivity

Colors definitely have a profound effect on us, and some are even well-known for their ability to spark creativity and boost productivity. This is exactly what you want to accomplish in your home office environment, right?


Blue is a very intellectual color and can also soothe and help calm a stressed-out mind and aid in concentration. It is one of the more popular colors used in office settings for this reason. It also helps support clear communication and can help you complete any administrative or office tasks you need to complete.

*Tip: for a dose of creativity with your boost in productivity, you can pair blue with a splash of orange here and there.


If you are looking for some balance, then green is the color to choose. It is harmonizing and will not strain or tire the eyes, which is important when you are working. It allows you to find a good balance between the primary colors while also providing you with some reassurance if you are becoming too overwhelmed with tasks.

*Tip: green is a good color to choose for your office if you already participate in some kind of meditation or yoga in the morning.


If you choose gray, you are choosing a more neutral color that falls between black and white, and the mood is the same – neutral. You can choose from a variety of different shades and hues and can make it as subtle or as prominent as you would like.

*Tip: you need to be careful when using a high volume of gray because it can actually cause you to become melancholy if it is too overwhelming.

Home Office Tips

When it is your home office you are painting rather than a professional office outside of the home, you will find that it is different. Some people who work from home feel as if neutral paint color schemes will be the best. However, others choose to add an accent color or wall or even paint the trim a different color and get a bit more creative with their expression.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to color inspiration and decorating and painting your home office is finding a balance. If you choose a light blue, for example, for the walls, then you don’t want to use something too similar for the trim or accent wall. You want to break it up.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match colors here and there. If you like yellow but don’t want it to overwhelm your home office, then combine it with different shades of blue. This way, you can achieve both a calming and bright space at the same time. A splash of red can even help give you an extra boost of energy if that is something you need to get through your day.

Gorgeous Dark Gray


via Camille Styles 

This deep gray color is a game-changer. I’m sure you have noticed over the last few years how popular gray has become for home décor and paint, and for a good reason. It’s the new, modern natural and pairs well with nearly any color and most wood grains.

Grays are known for their ability to evoke emotions of security, reliability, intelligence, and organization – all very good feelings for a home office.

Another feature of this paint job is that they also painted the baseboard, which adds to the modern and clean feel. The color is Stone’s Throw 28-18 by Pratt & Lambert, but you can find similar rich grays at your local home improvement store.

Another feature of this paint job is that they also painted the baseboard, which adds to the modern and clean feel. The color is Stone’s Throw 28-18 by Pratt & Lambert, but you can find similar rich grays at your local home improvement store.

Lovely Light Green


via Gravity Home Blog

How soft and clean is this lovely light green wall? This soft seafoam green color creates a minimalist feel while providing some color but not overwhelming the room. It is the perfect color to get inspired and feel renewed, which is what greens are known to do.

By only painting one wall and leaving the others and the adjacent cabinet’s white, they have opened up the possibilities of styling the room with a sophisticated neutral palette. We found Easy Green by Sherwin Williams to be a good match.

Prestige Paints also sells this color, and is a great value.

Chic Blush Pink


via Elle Decor

This workspace has me tickled pink. What chic girl, wouldn’t want to use this space for writing, studying, or just being effortlessly fabulous? What keeps it from looking like it belongs in a little girl’s bedroom is its dusty undertones – I feel like I am looking at an Arizona sunset on this wall.

When decorating using this color, it is ideal to stick to a neutral pallet – white, light wood, black.

This beautiful color can be achieved with Benjamin Moore’s Georgia Pink.

Kilz Tribute line has a color called Flapper Pink which achieves the same effect.

Two Tone Sea Blue


via Live Loud Girl

This minimalist color and dichotomy of the two-tone wall creates so much visual interested without being busy. Two-tone walls have the ability to create height in the room, and lineal lines can make the space look larger as well.

The styling of this office focuses heavily on natural wood and industrial elements but would also look good with metals if the rest of the palette is kept natural.

Blues in this tone tend to give off vibes of calmness, quiet, and transcendence.

This beautiful home office paint color can be achieved by using Behr’s Tasmanian Sea.

Sophisticated Greyge


via Style Me Pretty

Grayge is a relatively new term to describe the lovely color trend of gray and beige. It has a delightful warmth but is much more modern than traditional beige. Another thing I love about this color is the ease of it. It literally goes with everything.

It can be styled chic, romantic, modern, and minimalist. It’s the most beautiful neutral I have ever seen.

If you wanted to completely redecorate your office in a year, you could do so without changing the paint – it’s that versatile.

The paint color is Stone by Benjamin Moore. I highly recommend using a matte finish to highlight the beauty of the color.

A slightly lighter shade in the same family is Stone Hearth, from Prestige Paints.

Funky Yellow Accent


via Doce Obra

I just had to feature this funky pop of color office that I find so fun and youthful. Using this stunning banana yellow to highlight the workspace is genius. It creates visual interest to an area that is otherwise ignored in the room. It looks amazing with neutrals but can also handle a few other pops of color like teal and bright red.

The color yellow is known for being empowering, joyful, and innovative. You’ll find Illuminate Me by Valspar to be a great match. A similar color is Yellow Hibiscus from Prestige.

I suggest you get a good primer built-in if you choose to go with yellow, so you get the pop you are looking for.

Using this color sparingly is the secret to keeping it refined yet youthful.

Dark Teal Dream


via Decoist

This rich, glossy, deep teal is the stuff dreams are made of. This home office screams luxury to me. The rich color paired with the black whites and pops of orange keep is very current but somehow timeless. If you are going for modern elegance, this look cannot be beaten.

This color is positive, serene, and confident.  If you’re looking to replicate, I found Gentleman’s Gray High Gloss by Benjamin Moore to be a nice match.

Cream & White Stripe


via The Inspire Room

If you are looking for traditional, understated elegance, this palette may be just the thing for you. Any girl would be lucky to call this her home office.

The striped wall is pretty darn simple to do, but man does it make a big impact in a small room.

This simple yet impactful style and color pair well with almost anything, but I think they look best with farmhouse modern and contemporary décor.

If you want to up the work factor, use a paint with some sheen. Your office will be the envy of all your girlfriends. Our paint suggestion for this look is Kestrel White by Sherwin Williams.

Mid Century Modern Bright Blue


via Design Milk

If you have an appreciation of the timeless beauty of the midcentury, you will love this updated bright blue on your office walls. Bright blue is known for its electric, vibrant, and exhilarating vibes.

This home office paint color looks amazing with teak and walnut woods. It can be used with neutrals or other bright colors.

Take a look at Benjamin Moore Twilight Blue or Glidden Blue Oasis for a similar effect.

Light Subtle Grey


via Pinterest

You know I had to throw one more gray paint color idea into the mix. This time, it’s much softer gray. I think of clouds during a fall thunderstorm.

This pallet is best with neutral and monochromatic tones. White, lighter and darker gray, and black all lend to the simple beauty of this gray.

This tone evokes a feeling of logic, modesty, and efficiency. We like Iced Cube Silver by Benjamin Moore or Prestige B-41 Radiant Silver to create this beautiful home office.

Light & Airy Farmhouse


via Behr

This beautiful use of horizontal borders at the top and bottom of this home office wall create a more expansive experience. The contrasting color combination is perfect for the home office enthusiast who wants to step out of their comfort zone but not break with their traditional style.

We love the combination of coral and taupe but could see this working with so many other color pairings – grey and chartreuse, cream and navy, copper and charcoal.

The colors used here are by Behr.

Home Office Paint Swatch Ideas


via Centophobe

If you are looking for paint colors for office ideas that pair well together, you will love the Monday Color Palette by Sherwin Williams.

Choose any of the large squares for a primary color and any or all of the accent colors to tie it together. It’s like paint by numbers for your home office. One thing that you may want to play around with is the use of gloss and flat paints to create visual interest.

These neutrals are calming, subdued, and can pair nicely with contemporary, rustic, or traditional furnishing.

Looking to match the paint you may already have? Check out the Prestige Paint Color Match page on Amazon.

Paint Free Wall Wood Wall


via Bright Bazaar

If you think maybe paint isn’t for me, but I need a visual interest in my office, you may want to consider the look of wood planking, known as shiplap.

It’s easier than ever to achieve the rustic aesthetic, thanks to companies like Stikwood – who have created pull and stick planks that look like the real deal but can be installed in just a few hours.

Available in a variety of colors and styles with samples that can be shipped right to your door, you’re sure to find one that will take your home office to the next level.

Trapeze Wall Mural


via Murals Wallpaper

How about creating a mural on your office wall? This can be achieved using a pre-made mural cut to the size of your wall or paint in coordinating colors.

I was really inspired by this look. I love the monochromatic steel blues. It is simple and elegant. You can completely transform an office using this technique.

If you decide to do the mural in paint, consider using the Westelm paints by Sherwin Williams.

I hope you are inspired by the home office paint color options that we love. We’d love to see your final home office look – #homeofficewarrior