Keeping your home office organized and looking good is all about balance – here’s how the right bulletin board can help.

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Out of sight, out of mind is a great mantra, unless you’re the type that needs a daily reminder of the projects and things you need to tackle. Whether you use your home office daily or just when you need to, having a bulletin board is a great way to keep your priorities and odds and ends front and center.

Here are the home office bulletin board decorating ideas that inspired us to clean things up when it comes to space above our desks.

The Organizer Bulletin Board

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When you need to do more than just clip photos and notes, check out the MyGift Rustic Wood Wall organizer, available at Amazon

By starting with a large wood frame, then adding the cork board as well as key hooks, a small wall box for mail, and even a chalkboard, you can transform a simple bulletin board into something far more versatile: it can hold mail, packages, keys and more, all without looking cluttered and messy- unless you want it that way.

It’s an easy project you can wrap up with a hardware store visit and a few hours if you want a DIY option.

Clipboard-Style Bulletin Board

home office bulletin board ideas
via Lia Griffth

If you’re tired of cork board and other traditional bulletin board materials, check out the clipboard-style wall Lia Griffith created for her office.

This is an excellent way to organize papers if you need the structure of a filing system but want to see everything out in the open. Using label papers and washi tape, Lia decorated basic clipboards to give them new life – and it spruced up the room as well.

For extra organization, she used chalkboard labels on each clipboard, but you can also use your own system – or none at all – to create something that fits your style best.

You can also find some decorated clipboards from No products found. and Acrimet on Amazon.

BAZIC Chevron Paperboard Clipboard

BAZIC Chevron Paperboard Clipboard

These chevron paperboard clipboards come in a pack of six and have strong clips with rubber grips that will hold your paper securely when it is attached and up on your bulletin board. They also have a retractable hanging hook to make it easier than ever to hang. Be aware when ordering these clipboards on Amazon, all six may arrive in the same color according to customer reviews.

BAZIC Pattern Hardboard Clipboard

BAZIC Pattern Hardboard Clipboard

These clipboards come in a three-pack and have brown patterns including floral, henna, damask, and deco grille designs. When ordering, the designs you receive may vary. They also have the retractable hanging hook make it easy to hang and use on your clipboard.

DIY Fabric Bulletin Board

home office bulletin board
via Sincerely Sara D.

When you need a home office that inspires, the bland brown of corkboard just won’t do. In that case, consider covering a cork bulletin board with the fabric of your choice – something that will give your home office that flair and personality you need to be productive.

Sara D. offers a great tutorial on how to turn a boring cork board into something livelier and fitting to your home office color scheme. With just a few simple supplies – cork board, fabric, glue and spray paint – she turned a bland bulletin board into one that matched the vibe of the rest of her home office space.

Copper Organization System

diy copper wall organization
via Coco Kelley

Do you need less board and more grid? Check out this beautiful and functional wall organization project from Coco Kelley. It’s easy to make – just grab some reinforcement (or hog) panel, spray paint and a few office clips – and looks like it costs far more than it does.

It’s a quick and easy way to spread out ideas, memories, or whatever else you need to organize, and there are plenty of ways to make it uniquely yours.

Three Framed Bulletin Boards

bulletin board ideas for home office
via how to decorate

Bulletin boards by nature are informal and a little messy – but they don’t have to be. If you need the convenience of corkboard without the casual look, consider going with framed bulletin boards.

You can pick frames specifically for this purpose or find old frames and re-purpose them by using a color that matches your office’s color scheme. You can get a thin corkboard that doesn’t have its own frame or remove the corkboard from a framed board. Insert the cork just as you would a picture, and you’re good to go.

Repurposed Burlap Bulletin Board

bulletin board for home office
via the endearing home

For a framed bulletin board with a little more style, consider making a burlap board repurposed from an old picture frame.

At The Endearing Home, you can learn how Lauren took an old photo collage frame and turned it into this chic bulletin board while spending less than she would have to buy a similar one. Don’t want to go the DIY route? Check out these burlap bulletin boards from Amazon.

Embroidery Hoop Board

bulletin board home office
via My Fabuless Life

For those thinking outside the rectangle, consider this embroidery hook bulletin board from Jenn over at My Fabuless Life. It’s unique, easy to customize, and we can almost guarantee your friends don’t have the same one.

It’s about as easy as it gets: stain a large embroidery hoop, which you can find at any craft store, and stretch your favorite fabric as tight as it’ll go. A little hot glue, some twine and memories and you’re set.

Metal and Pallet Bulletin Board

shabby chic country bulletin board
via Pinterest

If your home office has a more country or shabby chic feel, check out the sheet metal-pallet combination that makes for a big, bold bulletin board statement. Grab a magnetic sheet, find some good-lookin’ wood and boom – you’re good to go.

Get some magnets or even a set of magnetic baskets and you’ll have plenty of wall space to organize whatever it is in your home office that needs organizing.

Hanging Belt Board

bulletin board ideas for the home office
via Poppytalk

Perfect for apartments, dorms, and other small spaces, this bulletin board hangs by a belt, though you could also use twine or anything else strong enough to support the cork circles.

These are easy to make, hold enough pics or notes to keep you inspired and offer a fresh, unique take on bulletin boards.

Pocketed Bulletin Board

home office bulletin board
via driven by decor

This home office bulletin board goes the extra mile when it comes to using fabric. Instead of just using the fabric as a backdrop, Kris at Driven by Decor added an extra pocket to hold mail and other miscellaneous things.

It may require a little sewing, but you can get away with a no-sew option if the fabric you use for the pocket has clean seams. For a more colorful variation, consider using two different fabrics or a frame that contrasts, though we love the clean, old-wood look of the frame Kris used above.

Drawer Bulletin Board

bulletin boards for home office
via Chic California

There are those among us who love shadowboxes, and if you fall into this category, we are here for you. Rather, Adrienne at Chic California has something for you: a bulletin board made from thrift store drawers.

It’s a great way to give your office space depth and character, especially if you’re looking for something more decorative than functional. It’s easy to customize – with the right paint and wallpaper (or another decorative background), you can turn an old drawer into a work of home office art.

Giant Cork Board

giant bulletin board
via young house love

Forget the less is more approach: when you need a lot of space for a lot of things, consider a giant corkboard. Perfect for kids or any home office area that needs a lot of stuff presented at once, a large bulletin board is a great way to visually display what you’re all about.

John and Sherry at Young House Love offer a great tutorial on how to make a large bulletin board, and there are plenty of steps along the way to put your own tastes and personality into your final product.

Why You Should Organize Your Office

When you organize your clutter and use a large bulletin board to do so, you are creating less clutter, which ultimately leads to less stress. When you are organized, it is also a good way to help you remember the important tasks you need to get done, and this saves you time.

If you don’t think you have enough time to get your desk organized, you should think about how much time you will save if you do so. When everything is in its designated place, there is less wasted time when you are switching between the projects and tasks you need to complete.

DIY Bulletin Boards

With so many ways you can create your own organized and creative DIY bulletin board, there really is no excuse for not getting your office organized.  Try using items you have around the house to come up with creative ideas for your office bulletin board. If you already have a cork bulletin board, you can use materials around the house to revamp it.

Supplies You May Need

You can easily create an easy DIY bulletin board or revamp an existing one by using a few supplies you can typically find around the house including:

  • Foam insulation board
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Spray adhesive
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hardware to hang it

Simply cover the foam insulation board with the fabric of your choosing and secure it in place with your hot glue gun or spray adhesive. You can then add any embellishments to the board as you wish and then attach the hardware and hang it in your office.

Bulletin boards, even a quick DIY board covered in sticky notes, is good to organize your office. So, we hope that with all of these different design ideas and the quick and easy DIY we left at the end, you can create your own beautiful bulletin board to hang in your office.