Staying productive and energy-driven is one of the most important parts of remote work. Here's how to do it right.

Where you work can have a huge impact on how well you perform. Most people, for example, can’t deal with background noise while others put on shows to serve as white noise. Creating the right workplace can make your life as an entrepreneur a little easier. Considering how difficult entrepreneurship is, you should take any advantage you can get.

Make Sure The Temperature is to Your Liking

Some people are aware of the importance of temperature. Too warm or too cold, and productivity drops. Temperature can be just as distracting as sirens or someone constantly poking you in the shoulder, so make sure that the temperature in your workspace is to your liking.

“It may sound strange, but I have to be in the perfect temperature zone in order to be at my most productive,” says car accident attorney Jared Everton. “My sweet spot is around 70 degrees, and if it’s too hot I feel like it takes away from my productivity. Too cold and I start to worry too much about my body, which also takes away from what I can get done.”

There’s little to be done for the main office, as different people have different preferences. Ask your employees how they prefer the temperature and work with that. You may have to shuffle the office around to make it work, but it’s worth the increased productivity.

Pick the Right Furniture

One of the most important parts of a productive workspace is the furniture. You’re going to spend a lot of time in your chair (unless you get a standing desk), so you must make sure it’s both comfortable and good for your posture. Armrests are often a must. Make sure your desk is at a good height. Too low and your legs may not fit. Too high, and you’ll feel like a child playing office.

This aspect can get expensive, as you get what you pay for. Fortunately, there’s rarely a reason to buy the most expensive models. Focus on adjustable chairs for the office to account height differences.

Personalize Your Space

Some days, you’ll spend more time at the office than at home throughout the course of a week. That’s just how being an entrepreneur works. It’s in your best interest to personalize the place and make it feel a little more like home. You don’t need to install a couch and a TV (unless that’s part of your job in some way), but there’s plenty you can do to personalize your space.

Depending on your preferences, personalizing your office space could be as simple as putting up pictures of your family to fully decorating the walls – including finding the best home office paint colors. You should allow employees to customize their cubicles with non-disruptive personal effects as well. You could also put up stuff for the whole office to enjoy, like motivational posters.

Keep Things Organized

To be a productive entrepreneur, you must be organized. You can waste a surprisingly large amount of time just finding the right file. Even people with messy offices tend to have some reason to their madness, a system that works just for them.

If you don’t know where to start, start by cutting out everything unnecessary to your work. Everything on your desk must help you work and be within reach. Decorative items should be left to the walls or shelves. Wires should be tied together neatly to keep them in order, or taped to the sides of desks or to the wall to keep the floor clear.

Have a Break Room

Not only does all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, it also burns Jack out. Burnout is a real concern for entrepreneurs. Not only can it hurt overall productivity, it can lead to a higher turnover rate. If you can’t take a break, your spirit will probably break, along with your health and the startup.

A break room with a refrigerator, tables, seats, and a microwave can work wonders. While employees can take their breaks at their desks, a separate room has its own benefits. Not only can it have things that would be awkward to have on the floor, it gives their minds a break. When you eat where you work, you don’t rest as well since the area is associated with labor and stress.

Have Music Available

Music is powerful. Used correctly, it can improve your productivity as an entrepreneur. Just setting the right music can help get you in the right mood – and you’ll need to do that at some point. The grind will get to you as it gets to everyone. Music can help hype you for what’s to come. It could inspire you or calm you down, depending on your needs.

If you prefer to work in silence, that’s OK. Just make sure your employees know that they’re allowed to listen to music, as long as they can still hear when people ask for them and that they wear headphones.

The right workspace can be a wonderful place to work. A messy, dark, and noisy one can keep you from your true entrepreneurial potential. As an entrepreneur with a limited budget, thinking about the expense of buying the right desks and chairs can be scary. However, considering that expense can help your company succeed, you should instead look forward to it.