Reclining throughout the workday can relieve stress and pressure on your back and posture. Here's where to find the perfect reclining office chair for you.

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If you suffer from pain or discomfort from sitting for long periods of time, a reclining chair may be the solution you’ve been needing. Back pain not only ruins your sleep patterns and increases irritability in everyday life, but makes simple tasks daunting and tedious.

A reclining chair can give you some relief from this. They offer extra support and allow you to adjust to whatever position is most optimal for your body.

Here are some of the best reclining chairs available on the market right now.

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  2. Steelcase Gesture Chair
  3. TOPSKY High Back Video Game Chair
  4. Giantex Recliner Chair
  5. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Any of these reclining chairs would be a great choice, but how are you to know which is the best for you? Let’s look closer at each product on the list.

Best for Most Users

Merax High-back Executive Chair

This chair is the best on our list for most users. The No products found.  chair comes with soft, comfortable PU leather and thick cushions for adequate comfort and support. Its sturdy base and five wheels allow for extra stability and mobility, while the lumbar support offered by the chair supports your back in a healthy way that promotes proper posture.

If you want to relax even more, just fold out the footrest at the bottom. The seat can be adjusted to your ideal height, and you can recline 90 or 180 degrees backward in the seat. The modern look of this product will suit any office or home.

Stability is a common concern with chairs like this, but you won’t find any issues with the sturdiness of the Merax High-back PU Leather Executive chair. It’s so comfortable that you may even fall asleep at your desk. This chair will take the pressure off your knees, allowing for better blood flow and healthier circulation. You do need to assemble this chair, but it comes with screws and instructions.

Some may find that this chair is a bit too heavy for their taste and that the seat is harder than other chairs. Please note that when the chair arrives, its color may appear different than it did in the photo due to lighting or differing computer monitors.

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Best High-End Option

Steelcase Gesture Chair

This model is a high-end choice that will be so comfortable; you might even be surprised. The Gesture Chair is meant to support a wider variety of user sizes, postures, and technologies. With its 3D LiveBack design, this office chair adjusts automatically to suit the natural movement of the spine, contouring to your back no matter what posture you’re sitting in.

The chair has quality shipping and comes in great condition already fully assembled. The chair is very adjustable and can be lowered to the ground or put up very high, similar to a stool. The chair is designed to support many postures using the arms, seat, and chair back. The arms are placed toward the chair’s back, and the edge of the seat has a soft consistency that allows for many seating alternatives.

The super-soft cushion offers a relaxing sitting experience, and the curved design of the chair helps you keep a proper posture. For those with a long torso, reclining may be a bit more challenging, and this chair is probably better suited for those of average height.

The chair is highly ergonomic and will work well in a wide variety of environments. You can upgrade the chair with extra armrests and different wheels if you prefer.

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Best Gaming Style Chair

TOPSKY High Back Video Game Chair

TOPSKY All Molded Foam Video Gaming Chair for Home and Office (Black and Red)

The TOPSKY is an ergonomic reclining chair with a cushioned headrest and footrest and is perfect for use in the home office or for watching television. The product has a 90 to 145-degree reclining feature, simply pull the back lever and adjust it to your preference.
As soon as you push the level down, you will be able to lock your preferred position.  There is also a “rocking” option to allow a small amount (17 degrees) of back and forth tilt
This chair comes with an ergonomically designed molded foam backrest and bigger headrest than other chairs on the market. In addition, you can adjust the armrest on this chair by just pushing the button.

This chair has a thicker seat and a strong, durable base that can support up to 300 lbs (recommended weight is <250 lbs). The chair comes unassembled, but assembly is fairly easy. With the included assembly instructions it takes approximately 30 minutes to assemble.

Lining the arms up correctly can be a bit of a challenge, but other than that, the chair is quick and easy to assemble.

Many rolling chairs don’t function correctly on certain surfaces (such as carpet) and roll too quickly on others, like hardwood. This chair moves easily on many surfaces, easily transporting you between rooms and staying put when you’re sitting at your desk.
The first thing you will notice about the design of this chair is that it’s sturdy and comfortable. Compared with other chairs, it’s quite large, and the lumbar support cushion may take a little getting used to for some users.

The headrest isn’t a separate part and doesn’t need to be adjusted since it doesn’t protrude from the chair.

The chair is easy to put together but comes in a heavy package, so have a friend help you get it inside. The seat on this chair is very long and wide, which you may need to adjust to.

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Best Lounge Style Choice

Giantex Recliner Chair

The Giantex Recliner Chair is a brand new model that not only reclines and swivels but comes with an ottoman. It’s made with a metal frame, PU leather, and a padded, overstuffed cushion for extra relaxation and comfort. The adjustment knob on this chair allows you to find your perfect sitting experience and swivel 360 degrees. The base is wrapped in leather, making it simple to clean and extra durable.

Whether you need this chair for your office or as a classy addition to your home, you will find that it makes an excellent addition to your décor. Imitation leather is easier to take care of than genuine leather, and you will find that it’s equally comfortable. The black upholstery is also eco-friendlier than alternative materials.

For the price of this chair, the quality is unbeatable. It is fun and easy to assemble but may prefer the help of a friend if you have little experience with furniture assembly.

Most gaming chairs aren’t very aesthetically appealing, so the Giantex Recliner Chair is a welcome exception to the norm. Even in small spaces, this chair will fit well and provide you with a sturdy sitting experience. Please note that for those taller than 5’10, the seat is pretty low and doesn’t adjust height-wise.

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Best Mesh Style Choice

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

GABRYLLY Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair, High Back Desk Chair - Adjustable Headrest with Flip-Up Arms, Tilt Function, Lumbar Support and PU Wheels, Swivel Computer Task Chair

The Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair has a tilt lock mechanism that will recline all the way to 120 degrees and a ergonomically designed backrest, allowing you to do away with any back discomfort.

The headrest has adjustable height and tilt to find a position that supports you perfectly. The large back provides good lumbar support will make it easier to sit for long periods of time without pain. You can also adjust the armrests, as well as fold them out of the way.

This chair is comfortable, decently easy to put together, and does its job. Some may be reluctant to opt for a mesh style chair, thinking it will be flimsy, but this chair is sturdy, heavy, and well-built.

This chair has a larger mesh seat, so it may not be a great option for smaller people. The seat dimensions are 20″ W x 19.3″ D, so make sure this size works for you. The depth may prevent you from comfortably sitting with your back against the backrest if you have shorter legs.

The seat of this chair is made from mesh and has a good amount of padding. You can adjust the headrest, and the recline reaches far enough backward to offer you a relaxing rest when needed. The recline feature has a tension adjustment.

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Why Choose a Reclining Chair?

You may still be on the fence about whether a reclining chair is the right choice for you. Whether you’re sitting at a desk, watching television, or making the long commute to or from work, you likely spend a lot of time hunched forward in an incorrect posture.

Sitting rigid and upright may seem like the solution to this, but that posture actually puts pressure on your spine too and can lead to problems. Reclining is a great alternative to this. Here are some good reasons to recline while you sit:

  • Relieve Some Pressure: Studies have shown that sitting extended (by reclining backward) will help to relieve your spine’s compressive load. If you suffer from back pain or discomfort, this simple change of reducing spinal pressure can give you quick relief. And keeping this up will help you reduce pain and discomfort in the future.
  • Reverse your Hunching Habit: A chair that reclines allows you to finally do the opposite of hunching, correcting poor spinal alignment, and offsetting your bad sitting habits.
  • Relieve Stress: Most of us already know that sitting back with our feet up offers a more comfortable experience, which reduces stress. Research shows that stress is the main culprit for back pain, so this is yet another benefit to sitting in a recliner.
  • Better Breathing: : Sitting in a reclined posture allows your lungs to expand, opening your chest and airways and letting you breathe deeper.

Although you might not be able to recline back at work, a home office chair with a reclining feature will help you get the most out of these benefits. Remember to recline as often as you can when sitting on a plane or watching TV at home. Making this a solid habit is the best method for reducing pressure and pain.

More Comfortable: few people can say they are being paid to be comfortable while at work; however, when you are not sitting in a comfortable position, your productivity levels will certainly begin declining. A reclining office chair will keep your productivity levels up while you enjoy comfort at work.

Finding the Best Reclining Office Chair

Now that we have given you a list of 5 of the best reclining office chairs, you should also know what to consider when narrowing down your choices.

Full Back Office Chair

To help with productivity and comfort and reduce any lost work hours, you should have a comfortable office chair with a full back. Having different adjustable height positions to choose from, including a height adjustment, lumbar support, and recline setting, can all help ensure you’re comfortable and ready to work.

Choosing the Right Upholstery

Another consideration is the type of upholstery the chair is made with. Is there adequate padding for maximum comfort? This is one of the biggest factors that will determine if you are going to be able to sit in the chair all day while working. Many of the standard office chairs don’t take this into consideration.

The upholstery should be comfortable, padded, breathable, and with a medium texture that can help ease any fatigue you may be feeling as you work and sit in the office chair.

Proper Support

Proper support is also an important consideration. When sitting, the chair should be able to fully support your back. When you are using the reclining mechanism, it also shouldn’t strain your neck when you are trying to see your computer. Adjustable reclining angles are imperative.

Also, if the chair is on the bigger side and the seat is too high, you may find that the lumbar support pillow it does have may not be enough for you. The office chair you use needs to be proportional so your feet can touch the floor and keep your spine aligned properly. Adjustable lumbar support is also a good feature.

Overall Design

The construction of an office chair varies depending on the manufacturer. This also means that the quality may vary as well. When trying to decide on the best material for your office chair, there are several types to consider:

Leather Upholstery. Durable material and requires less maintenance than other materials. You also have extended usability and performance.

Fabric. This material is used on more traditional office chairs and are the most common in office environments. The material is often durable and can withstand wear and tear while also being breathable and soft.

Breathable Mesh. Comfort and durability are top priorities with mesh materials. They also offer better air circulation and breathability which lends to its overall comfort.


Now that you have some high-quality and comfortable office chair choices and you understand what it takes to remain both comfortable and productive at work, it is time to make your selection. Find the reclining office chair that fits you best.

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