Looking for a little support when standing at your desk? Here's our roundup of leaning stools to help make standing more comfortable.

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Sitting for long periods of time can be uncomfortable, not to mention unhealthy. Research has shown that sitting for too long at a time too often is linked with a number of health concerns such as obesity, elevated blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and unhealthy cholesterol levels among other things. It also increases the chances of dying from cancer and cardiovascular disease.

To address these concerns, the answer is naturally to sit less and stand more. However, many jobs require you to sit at a desk in front of a computer or to face clients for prolonged periods of time. So, how to solve this conundrum and maintain your health?

The leaning stool was introduced as a way to allow you to stand and still be able to do your job properly. It’ll also help you feel better about your work as you won’t have to be stuck sitting down all the time, meaning it could actually make you more productive. A leaning stool could completely transform the way you view and perform your job.

In this article, I will outline for you the benefits of using a leaning stool and present you with the 4 best leaning stools on the market.

The Benefits of Using a Leaning Stool

Below I’ll cover some of the advantages of using a leaning stool at your standing desk:

Less stress on your knees

The sit-stand stool has a leaning configuration which is ideal as it greatly diminishes the strain on the knee joints. The reason for this is that it makes it extremely easy to go from leaning to adopting a completely vertical position. By contrast, in a regular chair, you have to expend much more effort to stand up from sitting.

Core Muscle Engagement

When you’re sitting in a traditional chair, your core muscles completely loosen up. With repetition over time, they’ll become softer and reduce your muscle mass. By using the leaning stance, you’ll actually have to contract your back and core muscles to maintain a proper posture. However, they won’t have to be overly engaged. You’ll have a good balance of effort and relaxation that’ll help you keep all your muscle tone.

Fewer Circulation Problems

Simply standing still will cause swelling in your lower legs over time. This happens because it doesn’t require you to flex your muscles, so their capacity to pump blood is reduced.

In a standard seated position, other circulation problems occur as blood flow to the internal organs is constricted. The leaning stool promotes better blood flow as it allows you to use your leg muscles. Furthermore, it prevents circulation problems in your core resulting in better overall health.

Better Focus

Thanks to the improved circulation in your core, the heart naturally becomes more active. This upsurge in activity means that the brain gets a lot more oxygen, which will cause you to feel much more alert and creative.

The 4 Best Leaning Stools for a Standing Desk

Now that you know the benefits of a leaning stool, it’s time to look at the best products available on the market:

The VARIDESK Adjustable Standing Desk Chair

Vari Active Seat - Adjustable Standing Desk Chair - Ergonomic Wobble Office Desk Stool w/Dynamic Range of Motion - Encourage Good Posture - Portable Stools & Fully Assembled - Active Chairs for Adults

The VARIDESK Adjustable Standing Desk Chair has a polished, modern look that will seduce you. The elegant plywood seat base has a stylish espresso finish. Thanks to its excellent range of movement either sitting or standing, it’s a perfect complement to your regular desk chair. It offers the benefit of a firm but comfortable cushioned seat and will support up to 250lb.

This adjustable chair is ideal to enjoy a moment of respite after standing for a while. Its rotating and leaning features make it very adaptable and offer a great equilibrium that guarantees your safety.

The Ergo Impact Best Standing Desk Chair

Best Standing Desk Chair for Leaning and Posture LeanRite Elite Ergonomic Back Pain Relief Includes Anti Fatigue mat (Includes Xtra seat-Cushion)

The Ergo Impact LeanRite Standing Desk Chairisn’t for the tight purse, but it’s a great buy if you can afford it. This state-of-the-art leaning stool won several awards and conforms to all BIFMA standards of Seating Durability and Stability, and was approved by (UL).

It’ll help you maintain a neutral posture, which is good to keep for spinal health and general back strength. As it’s quite versatile, you’ll be able to change positions effortlessly, which makes it optimal to use through your workday. It’s also extremely dynamic even when used as a stool.

Its sturdy build and anti-fatigue mat make it safe to use, as it won’t topple over or make you slide. It is also very comfortable thanks to its cushion pad, and the setup is effortless even if you’re not a handyman.

Uncaged Ergonomics Wobble Stool Standing Desk Chair

Wobble Stool Standing Desk Stool - tall office chair for standing desk chair wobble stools for classroom seating adhd chair height adjustable stool 23-33' Active stool for standing desk wobble chairs

The Uncaged Ergonomics Wobble Stool Standing Chair offers the benefit of being inexpensive. An assembly option is proposed, but it’s so easy to put together that you probably won’t need it. removing the seat cover is easy, which facilitates making any adjustments you might require.

This leaning stool allows you to rock or swivel at 360°. However, you can also sit normally without having to rock or balance at all. Its seat has a broad, frameless structure. 13” in diameter and with a 3” thick foam cushion, it was designed to be comfortable. It also offers an adjustable height, between 23 and 33” to bring you further comfort.

The SONGMICS Active Adjustable Height Standing Stool

SONGMICS Office Stool Chair, Adjustable Height Sit Stand Stool, 360° Swivel Wobble Stool, for Office Home, Black UOSC01BK

The SONGMICS Adjustable Standing Desk Chair is another inexpensive option. This leaning stool will satisfy more modest purses but still offers great value for its price.

Its seat is quite large with a 14.6” diameter and is covered with 2.6” thick reflex foam which makes it comfortable. It’s sturdy and stable, rendering it reliable and safe to use in all positions. Its height can be adjusted from 19.7” To 27.6” thanks to two levers placed under the seat. This leaning stool is also assembled with hardly any effort, and without any tools.

As more people try to balance work life and health, sitting all day in a chair will soon start to look like a thing of the past. Sitting in a regular chair for too long is simply too detrimental to physical health, and this affects mental health. Leaning stools allow you to remain dynamic by using your muscles throughout the day. The 4 leaning stools presented here will fulfill your work needs while keeping you healthy.