When you have to give a presentation outside your home office, it helps to have a good presentation remote. Here's a look at some of the best on the market.

There is no shortage of tools out there for online communication, but the need to make the most of our voices during in-person presentations is still relevant and crucial.

Whether your necessity of speaking in front of groups comes from studying or from being involved in a company, your method for business presentation can make or break your success. A lot of people are nervous to speak in front of others or decide to just “wing it” when they must, falling short of what would have been possible with more preparations.

Many times, a student or business owner is requested to give a presentation in class or during a conference and may find that this is a requirement whether they like it or not. So even if you work at home, you may be required to give a presentation every once in a while in a more work-focused setting.

Highlight Your Strengths as a Presenter

This is the perfect opportunity to highlight your skills, or your organization, in front of who it matters most to impress. This chance can lead to referral sources for your company, give you valuable opportunities to gain funding, or determine an important percentage of your final grade.

When it comes down to it, students and business professionals who are skilled in communication will enjoy better support for their objectives and goals, no matter what they are.

A subpar presentation wastes a great opportunity, but can also do even more harm than that. Those that take the time to speak well and give a quality presentation will experience an improved image, but the reverse of this applies, as well. It can ruin your image or have even worse consequences.

If you are going to give a presentation, you might as well give it your all and see how high the opportunity can take you. Let’s look at a few aspects that can help you with this.

Presenting with Confidence

First of all, speaking well has a lot to do with being confident in what you’re saying. Although this is a simple concept, it does take time and practice to make a reality. Nervousness will happen and is only natural, but putting yourself out there more often will allow you the chance to get better as time goes on. You can also ask for feedback on your presentations.

Our society relies a lot on politeness, meaning that your audience won’t always be the first to offer advice on improvements you could make. To get this, you have to be assertive and directly ask. In addition, you have to be open instead of defensive to what they say. Receiving constructive input can help you gain awareness of what others hear and see when you give presentations.

It may take months, or even years, of experience with presentations to master the process, and every speech you give will require plenty of preparation time to make sure you’re doing your best. But when you manage to actually connect with and inspire your audience, you are creating a lasting impression in the minds of all who observe you.

Another important factor in the impression you’re creating is the quality of your material, and presenting can be made much easier with a suitable device built especially for the task.
Business presentation remotes are a useful method for engaging your audience without the necessity of disturbing the material or speech each time you need to switch slides.

They improve the general flow of your visual information and speaking, allowing observers to fully concentrate on what you have to offer. But it’s no secret that there are countless models and brands on the market. How will you know which one is the right choice?

What to Look for in a Business Presentation Remote

  • A wide range: A quality business presentation remote will allow you the freedom of walking around the room as you speak. This not only gives you the chance to get comfortable while talking and let your ideas flow more easily, but lets you interact with your audience members and feel like part of the group. Plus, you might need to give presentations in large rooms, at times, and don’t want to have to worry about walking too far from your slideshow.
  • Ready-to-use design: Quality devices for giving business presentations are ready to use straight out of the box and don’t require that you install extra software or have advanced technical knowledge. They also have buttons that are easy to get used to. Your life is busy enough, and preparing for presentations is already time-consuming, so you don’t want to have to experience a steep learning curve for the remote you choose. Opt for one that’s user-friendly so you don’t have to worry about this.
  • Quality, visible laser pointer: A laser pointer is a helpful feature for giving business presentations, but this feature is far more useful if the beam is visible with the lights on. Your audience members may wish to take notes, which requires light, or you simply may not have access to a darker room. Many devices these days come with a green laser light instead of red, which makes the beam more visible. This is what you should go for if you need to give presentations outside or in brightly lit environments, but a red light might still work for you if you are only doing presentations from a short range or in dim settings.
  • Long-lasting battery: The last thing you want is for your remote to die when you’re in the middle of an important presentation you’ve spent all week (or even month!) preparing for. You only have one chance to make this impression. A quality product will have a strong, reliable, and long-lasting battery that you can trust when it matters most.

Here are the best business presentation remotes based on quality, value and overall user experience and satisfaction.

  1. Logitech Wireless Presenter R800
  2. SMK-Link VP4350 Global Presenter 100'
  3. Canon PR10-G Wireless Presentation Remote
  4. Dinofire Wireless Presenter
  5. BEBONCOOL RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter

Editor’s Choice

Logitech Wireless Presenter R800

Logitech began back in 1981 with the mouse, which provided a revolutionary, intuitive method for using computers and was a brand new idea at the time. They went on to become the market leader in this arena, reinventing the mouse in various ways to stay relevant along with changing laptops and PCs. Since then, they have focused on closing the gap between your digital systems and you, providing quality interface devices.

Their Logitech Wireless Presenter R800 with Laser Pointer is the perfect example of this type of product. The laser is green and works very well, making it highly visible on all presentation screens whether in a dark or light room or even outside in the sun.

Please keep in mind that this product has an authentic laser beam, meaning it should be used carefully and never pointed at anybody’s eyes. It comes with a warning sticker to remind you to keep this away from kids.

The LCD display comes with vibrating, silent alerts and a timer to help you stay on task without needing to glance at the clock during your presentation, which can appear unprofessional. This product has a range of up to 100 feet so you can mingle and move around as you present, and simple, intuitive controls for navigating your slideshow with just a single touch.

The wireless USB receiver allows you to plug in and use this product immediately and can be stored inside of the presenter for convenience. The device comes along with a carrying case, as well.
Time is a crucial resource when it comes to presenting, and this tool was made with that principle in mind.

You are able to program the time you have to present in mere seconds by pressing the button on the remote’s right-hand side. This allows the time of day to be displayed, gives you a countdown, and also has a useful visual bar that shows how much time you have left. This lets you keep an eye on your progress in a professional and discreet way.

The device gives you a 5-minute warning by vibrating so you know when you should start wrapping the presentation up. You will receive another vibration warning when you have 2 minutes left.
Perhaps once your presentation is done, you have been allotted 10 minutes for answering any questions the audience may have, which the product can also help you monitor.

Once the timer on the remote gets to zero, it will start counting, letting you stay on top of how much time you’re spending interacting with observers. This added feature makes you look as professional as possible while you effectively manage the time you’ve been given.

When you use the wide range feature for walking around as you speak, the display shows the strength of the signal, similar to a phone. Since the USB receiver is a good size, this provides a larger antenna.

You don’t have to use the remote with your personal computer, since you can plug it into even older computers, and it installs in mere moments. There are three operating buttons that allow you to move through your slides and to start or end PowerPoint’s presentation mode.

A fourth button at the bottom allows you to switch to a blank screen in case there’s an interruption, and click it again to return to the presentation. This useful remote requires 2 batteries to run (AAA) and you will see how much power you have left on the display screen.

The product’s laser beam produces the most battery energy, so keep that in mind. Of course, quality batters will be useful for the best result, but cheap batters also last for quite a while in this remote.

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Best Upgrade Pick

SMK-Link VP4350 Global Presenter

SMK-Link VP4350 Global Presenter 100' SMK-Link is a company that manufactures reliable, quality products for presentations, along with mice and computer keyboards. Their VP4350 Global Presenter is the best upgrade pick on our list of products.

This remote gives you wireless freedom up to 100 feet so that you can interact you’re your observers, move around, and still focus on delivering your best in presentations. It also comes with a mouse control and laser pointer (class II). Even at a far distance, the laser is precise.

You don’t have to install extra software to use this remote with your computer, just plug and play and the setup is quick and easy. Due to the reliable and simple use of this product, you can give your presentations in the most effective, confident, and relaxed way possible. It doesn’t matter which direction you are standing, the slides of your presentation will still switch on cue as intended.

PowerPoint’s features, like pen or pointing tools, can be accessed with the remote’s mouse function, along with the features of other various programs. The remote has a joystick in the center that functions like a mouse.

This allows you to easily switch through your slides or use the laser to point. As you grip the device, the button for the mouse is underneath it where your index finger goes. These remotes are sleek, lightweight, and useful for teachers, businesspeople, and students.

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Canon PR10-G Wireless Presentation Remote

Canon, which was founded in New York in 1955, is the leading business in providing digital imaging products for consumers and companies.

The Canon PR10-G Wireless Presentation Remote will help you get your point across, even in the most brightly lit rooms. Its bright green laser light shows up much clearer than the typical red light. You don’t need to go through any complicated setup process or install extra software; the remote is ready to use as soon as you take it out of its packaging.

The presentation controls on this device are intuitive and offer a range up to 100 feet. The remote can be used with Keynote and PowerPoint, allowing you to move freely around the auditorium or room and engage with your audience members.

You can focus entirely on making your presentation as good as possible with this device. Glance down at the LCD screen to see the signal strength and timer, or set your device to give you vibrating alerts at designated times so you know when to bring your presentation to a close.

Performance is compromised when you leave the 100-foot range but this is easily recovered once you are back in range. Even if you aren’t familiar with devices like these, this one is easy for anyone to learn how to use.

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Dinofire Wireless Presenter

The Dinofire Wireless Presenter has a range of up to 98 feet that allows you to walk around during your presentation and comes with a battery included. The green light on the device shows up very bright and a variety of programs are supported including Google slides, iWork, PowerPoint, MS Word, and more.

There’s no need to install any extra software since the remote works right out of the box. The USB has a magnet system which allows it to stay secured to the tail of the wireless transmitter. This ensures that the latches inside that attach to the tail won’t fall out or wear out over time.

This presenter is easy to use and light to handle, alerting you when the power is low. The button system on this device is intuitive and simple to navigate, but inexperienced users might find it helpful to know that to move forward through pages, you should click “page down.”

Holding the up button will begin your presentation while holding the down button turns it off. The layout of these buttons helps ensure that you can easily turn on the laser whenever necessary, but make sure you are hitting the correct button so you don’t accidentally move forward in your slides instead of turning on the laser pointer.

This remote is conveniently rechargeable meaning that you won’t have to keep a stockpile of batteries on hand and worry about your device dying when you run out. In addition to this, the product charges fast (about 20 minutes or so) and can be ready to use even at short notice.

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Best Budget Option

BEBONCOOL RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter

The BEBONCOOL RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter Remote Presentation USB Control PowerPoint PPT Clicker is our best budget pick on the list. The product is made from environmentally friendly materials (ABS plastic) and is designed to be ergonomic.

The receiver is plug and play and the bright red pointer light is useful for highlighting important components of your slideshows and can be seen against the majority of backgrounds.

The distance range of the wireless remote goes up to 39 feet, allowing you to walk around as you present, although this isn’t as far of a range as others on the list. This is most suitable for smaller rooms (such as classrooms) or for those who have no problem staying close to their slideshow as they give presentations. This product works with iWork, PowerPoint, Excel, and more and can be plugged into your laptop.

The buttons on this device include the light pointer, on and off switch, full-screen option, previous button, next button, and black screen display. Your slideshows will be simple to control with the one-touch up and down keys on the remote and these buttons can also be used to scroll through pages in your Word documents, internet pages, or PDF files.

The resume and escape button will refresh the page. You simply need to hold down the laser button for it to stay on. This remote is small and highly portable, only requiring a single AAA battery to work (not included with the device).

The receiver goes with a standard USB slot, the product comes with a nice carrying case, and the USB tail is inside a compartment next to the battery. You can also use this device to remotely change over to full screen from desktop mode.

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How to Give the Best Presentation Possible

When you’re giving presentations to potential investors, the management segment of your business, or to some other type of audience, a great presentation isn’t only about the slides you choose to show. It relies on a lot more than just that. Here are some tips for delivering an amazing business presentation, every time.

Outline your goal early on. When your audience is aware of the goal or purpose of your presentation at the beginning, they will have an easier time relating your speech with this purpose as it unfolds. That means that, at the end of your presentation, you’re more likely to enjoy the result you hoped and prepared for.

Whether you’re seeking approval on an initiative, funding for a project, or to change your audience’s mind on an issue, making your goal clear at the start will help you. This will also give you extra incentive to stay on topic as you speak rather than getting distracted or veering off course.

Show that you are credible right away. You will have a much easier time keeping your audience’s attention and trust if you show them immediately that you’re a credible source of information. This doesn’t mean launching into a long intro about the highlights of your career or droning on about your accomplishments in the field.

Rather, you can begin by telling a story about yourself that is relevant to the subject at hand or sharing something that led to your conclusion or helped shape your presentation idea. This will grab your audience’s focus from the start as it makes them feel more involved. Remember that showing your credibility has to be a conscious decision you make and won’t happen automatically.

Say something startling. One method for getting your audience’s attention right away is by saying something quite startling or surprising. This could be a fact about your presentation material or an unexpected supporting statistic. As long as you can back the statement up with your presentation information, it will help you get your point across thoroughly.

Ask the right questions. You can use rhetorical or thought-provoking questions to effectively convey information during your presentation. Rather than launching straight into your speech or material, get them involved or engaged immediately by telling them what they might be thinking or wondering about at that moment.

Make sure you are thinking about your specific audience and what they are probably wanting to hear, so you can ask relevant questions and then provide the answers needed afterward. This can be used as a springboard for advancing your goals and message.

Don’t forget your supporting information. As soon as you’ve proven that you’re a credible source of information, you should prove that what you’re saying during the presentation is also credible. Rather than simply presenting your material, make sure it’s accompanied by supporting data, not necessarily in your slides, but definitely in your talking points.

For example, you could supply statistics, tell about a relevant anecdote, present some research, or quote an expert or two. If you can do all of those things, that’s even better. Following these guidelines, along with having a quality remote device, will ensure that you nail your presentations each and every time.

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