A backpack is a great way to carry your office essentials when out on the road. Here's our roundup of 5 business backpacks.

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A good business backpack is a more comfortable way to carry your laptop and other work items. It keeps your belongings organized and easily accessible for when you need them. Plus, it’s a lot more comfortable than a laptop bag with a single strap.


Benefits of a Business Backpack

What are some of the advantages of carrying a business backpack instead of a briefcase or laptop case?

Free hands

When you carry all you need on your back, you can keep your hands free to perform other tasks. If you take a backpack with you on a trip, you can carry more and it’s a lot less hassle to transport than a suitcase.

Keeping your laptop safe

Business backpacks have a special slot for your laptop and hold it in place so that it stays safe when you’re carrying it. It’s also less likely that you’ll drop a backpack since it stays more secure than a bag you carry with one hand. Some business backpacks are waterproof to protect your computer and files when it rains.


Some people simply prefer the look of carrying a backpack instead of a briefcase or laptop bag. Carrying a bag in one hand can feel a bit clumsy, whereas with a bag on your back you don’t have to think about it as much.

Best Business and Laptop Backpacks

The Best High-End Option

The Pacsafe Instasafe

Pacsafe Intasafe Anti-theft 15-inch Laptop Backpack - Black Business Backpack, BLACK

The Pacsafe Instasafe is a durable, 15-inch backpack that keeps your laptop or tablet securely stored. It’s imported with a simple and stylish black design, is made with a polyester lining, and has hidden wire mesh built into it to prevent bag slash theft. In addition to looking sleek, the Pacsafe Instasafe is comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time.

It uses cables to hold your belongings in place and protect them from pickpockets and has a hole where you can add a small lock for additional security. This bag is a good potential option for people who want to keep their items as secure as possible during travel. It works well for trips to big cities where pickpocketing often occurs.


  • Secure
  • Stylish
  • Durable


  • Some inner pockets are hard to reach
  • Only one large outer pocket
  • On the expensive side
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Best Convertible Backpack/Messenger Bag

The CoolBELL Convertible Backpack Messenger Bag

CoolBELL Convertible Backpack Messenger Shoulder Bag Laptop Case Handbag Business Briefcase Multi-Functional Travel Rucksack Fits 17.3 Inch Laptop for Men/Women (Black)

The CoolBELL Convertible Backpack and Messenger Bag is a multi-functional option for people who want versatility for their business storage. This is also a good choice for people with larger laptops as it can fit one up to 17.3 inches in size.

This bag is very affordable, comes with four outer pockets, and works well for business or for casual purposes. You can even fit a couple of changes of clothes in the bag for when you need to travel. The CoolBELL Convertible Backpack and Messenger Bag is lightweight and comfortable to carry with a convenient top grab handle. Instead of buying multiple separate bags for different uses, you can take a minimalist “less is more” approach with this product.


  • Looks nice
  • Carries a lot
  • Multi-functional


  • Can be hard to open while wearing
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Best for Frequent Travelers

The YOREPEK Extra Large Backpack

YOREPEK Laptop Backpack for Men, Large 17 Inch Durable Travel Backpack Water Resistant, Airline Approved Computer Bag with USB Charging Port, Anti Theft Bag for College Business Work, Black

The YOREPEK Extra Large Backpack  is an affordable multipurpose bag. You don’t have to take your laptop out of the bag when you go through airport security, which can save a lot of time. Just lie it flat in the bin when you go through TSA.

The Extra Large Backpack by YOREPEK offers USB charging and works well for both indoor and outdoor uses. In addition to business, you may use it for hiking or camping trips.

The charging port has a built-in cable and is easy to hook up to your Kindle or smartphone. And the backpack comes with plenty of organizational compartments to store your belongings. The bag has mesh pockets for water bottles on either side for your outdoor excursions.

The YOREPEK Extra Large Backpack is made with heavy-duty fabric to stand the test of time and has waterproof zippers for easy access. You can adjust the size of the bag with the compression straps on the side.


  • Affordable
  • TSA-friendly
  • Large capacity
  • USB-charging


  • Shoulder pads aren’t the best
  • Can feel bulky
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Best Budget Pick

The T1FE X Large Business Laptop Backpack

No products found.

The No products found. X Large Laptop Backpack is a good choice if you’re on a strict budget. It has four compartments for your laptop, main daypack space for your travel clothes, books, and any other gear you may need to carry. The bag works well for both business and vacation needs.

The flat open design on the T1FE X Large Business Backpack makes it suitable for quick airport security. The technical functions of the bag include an earphone connection port and a USB charging plug. It comes with a breathable soft back and is made with durable nylon fabric for a supportive, easy, and comfortable carry. All the pockets on the Extra Large T1FE Backpack make it easy to bring plenty of items along on your business trips and keeps them conveniently organized.


  • Works well for bike-riding
  • Lots of storage space
  • USB charging plug
  • Breathable and comfortable


  • Not many color options
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Best Bag for Women

The KROSER Laptop Backpack

KROSER Laptop Backpack 15.6 Inch Stylish Backpack Doctor Bag Water Repellent College Casual Daypack with USB Port Travel Business Work Bag for Men/Women-Black

The KROSER Laptop Backpack is a stylish and casual bag with a USB port and a budget-friendly price. It has a stylish look rather than a pure utility-style like the others on the list. The KROSER Laptop Backpack comes with plenty of compartments for keeping your items safe and stored.

The bag comes with deep pockets on the side to keep your water bottles during long work or study days. Although the bag has a very affordable price, it’s also durable and built to last. The pockets inside are big enough to fit your iPad and there’s a large middle area where you can put your computer.


  • Very affordable
  • Looks great and unique
  • Plenty of storage space


  • Can be hard to organize computer cords
  • Doesn’t have a pass-through for luggage handle
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A business backpack can completely transform the way you travel during business or with your valuable items. It’s comfortable to carry and more secure than typical briefcases or laptop bags. You may also find it easier to stay organized with all the included compartments.

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