You don't have to break the bank to get a nice home office chair. Here's where to start.

Back discomfort is a common issue that using a posture-friendly office chair can solve. Supportive, quality chairs help to reduce spine strain, helping to minimize pain and more serious issues for your body.

The right choice will be durable, look attractive, and most importantly, be nice to sit in for long periods of time. It’s also crucial to have a chair that rolls over the floor easily so you can make it across your office when needed. To help, consider the proper chair mat to go with it.

As part of an overall strategy of saving money on your home office, here are some of the best office chairs for those on a limited budget.  If you have a slightly larger budget, you might also be interested in our roundup of slightly more expensive office chairs.

The Best Chairs on a Limited Budget

  1. Flash Furniture High Back Executive Chair
  2. Staples Telford II Luxura
  3. No products found.
  4. Serta Executive Office Chair
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Any of these options would be a good choice, but which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at each of these chairs in greater detail.

Flash Furniture High Back White Leather Executive

This contemporary pick is designed with lumbar support, a high back, and an adjustment knob to control tilt tension. You can also lock in your preferred level of tilt so you can stay comfortable while working.

Your workspace will be improved with this stylish chair, complete with appealing horizontal stitching and chrome arms. It comes with adequate cushioning to make your sitting experience comfortable.

The added support that an ergonomic chair gives you can help to promote healthy posture, reducing back pain or discomfort. High-backed chairs such as this one offer the upper back much better support, relieving lower-back tension and reducing strain over time.

The locking tilt function allows for a comfortable reclining or rocking motion. This freeform movement can help you relax when you need a break from answering phone calls or typing. The edge of the front seat is designed to take pressure off of your lower legs, improving your body’s circulation.

This office chair will swivel a full 360 degrees, and roll across the floor, allowing you to get the most out of your office without any added strain on your body. The handy adjustment level on the chair lets you choose the ideal height for your working comfort and the chair’s chrome base gives a modern feel to your desk space.

Another benefit of this product is its easy assembly, which only requires a few minutes. Unlike other products, the chrome pieces are actual metal instead of plastic. Although the leather isn’t real, it’s very soft and can be cleaned easily with a damp paper towel. This choice offers a way to opt for class and comfort without breaking the bank.

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Staples Telford II Luxura

The Staples Telford II has black upholstery that looks and feels similar to real leather. The chair also comes with adjustable padded armrests and adjustable seat height. The fixed lumbar support reduces strain on your back and the padded arms give luxurious comfort. The chair has a base made of 5-star nylon and carpet casters.

This chair offers support to reduce fatigue during the long workday with a stunning and elegant appearance. It’s built to be durable and give you hours of supported comfort. It can be hard to remember to maintain a comfortable posture while you’re working, so a chair like this that helps guide your body into a healthier posture is very helpful for reducing muscle stress.

You can fully customize your tilt preferences and then lock it into place so you don’t lean too far back. The chair’s material looks professional, feels comfortable, and offers resistance to dust, dirt, and liquid stains.

This chair exceeds or meets all BIFMA and ANSI standards. When the chair arrives, it does require a simple process of assembly and comes backed by a limited, one-year manufacturer warranty. This is a great value for the price. The bottom of the chair’s seat is crafted from real steel instead of wood, meaning it will last longer than many other office chairs.

Some may find this chair a bit small, but you can adjust the height to fit your body. One standout feature of this chair is the armrests, which are adjustable. That quality usually only comes with more expensive chairs.

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basyx by HON Low Back Task Chair

The basyx HON Task Chair is a mesh, breathable choice with a contoured seat and a double-layered back cushion to help your body feel supported while staying cool. These chairs give you an excellent result without the added expense that nice chairs typically come with.

The ergonomic adjustment options on this chair allow for height changes, an option recline, and full back support. Scott up to your desk, swing around to look up at your whiteboard or push yourself over to grab some coffee with the chair’s durable wheels and resin base.

This chair is extremely comfortable and cushy, offering quality support and an ergonomically sound posture for your back. For those who have pain from prolonged sitting, this could be the answer to the issue.

When the chair arrives, ensure that its cylinder is mounted squarely onto the tilting function. If it isn’t, take it off to re-assemble. This will help you get the best results possible from the chair. Over time, the cushion may depress a bit, bit replacing the cushion is easy and still a better value considering the price of this chair.

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Serta Executive Office Chair

Serta has led the industry in comfortable merchandise for over 75 years and is continuing its tradition of quality and innovation today.

The Serta Executive Office Chair has plush pillows to offer your body a tranquil, serene sitting experience, allowing with a cushioned headrest for extra comfort. The contoured lumbar section of the chair gives your lower back much-needed support, preventing pain and discomfort.

The chair’s sculpted armrests come with soft pads to give your forearms, wrists, and hands a relaxing and comfortable experience while you work. Adjust the lever quickly and easily with a single flick. If you pull on the same handle, the office chair’s recline function will be activated. Adjust the resistance of this feature by turning the knob on the seat’s bottom.

The waterfall designed seat edge on the Serta Executive Office Chair was created to reduce pressure on your legs, cutting down fatigue by increasing circulation. The multi-surface wheel casters and five-star, the heavy-duty base of this chair makes moving around while seated easier than ever before.

The base exceeds or meets the rigorous BIFMA standards for up to 250 pounds of weight. This product has a one-year limited warranty, is made in America, and does require some simple assembly steps. This chair can be sat in for many hours comfortably, though it may get a bit warm.

Assembly can be done without a screwdriver since the chair has huts and female hex sockets. When you order this package, it will come with what you need to put it together. The chair is narrower than others so it fits well into tighter desk openings. A desk height of 32 inches will comfortably accommodate this chair, including its armrests.

The chair’s high back will give you the support you need and the velvety, soft material will be preferred by some over faux leather, which your legs can stick to uncomfortably. Please note that the arms on this chair cannot be removed and you can’t lean back as far in this chair as you can in others. For very tall people, a bigger chair may be preferable.

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GreenForest Office Chair

The GreenForest Office Chair has a breathable back made of mesh, with a comfortable fabric seat cushion to give your body the support it craves during long work days. The tilting function (which locks into place) can be adjusted with the knob underneath the seat.

Crafted with five durable wheels, gliding over any surface, including carpet, has never been easier. For those with bigger office spaces, this is a welcome feature. With some simple tools (which are included) and instructions, this chair can be easily assembled on your own without any help.

Most people are familiar with the hassle of putting together furniture without clear-cut instructions, but that won’t be a concern with this one. The directions are straightforward and easy to understand. If you are looking to make it quicker, however, it does help to have someone hold the chair as you fix together the parts.

For those searching for an office chair that isn’t too costly but still has comfort and style, this is a great option. It proves ease and affordability without any unnecessary bulk. This chair stands out with its vivid coloring and the ivory-style white along the side. Similar to more expensive executive chairs, this one relines comfortably.

The chair’s hand support isn’t very wide, but it works well. When you put it together, tighten the seat bolts, then you can safely enjoy the chair’s lifting and descending features.

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How to Improve Your Posture to Reduce Strain

Over the years, bad posture develops from sitting down too much, carrying heavy purses or briefcases, sleeping the wrong way, or prolonged standing. All of these activities and more can lead poor posture to become a habit, aggravating neck and back pain and even causing damage to spinal structures.

Thankfully, the main causes of these issues are easy to control and fix with the right information. The guidelines below will give you a few different ways to improve your posture while sitting.

Notice Warning Signs

Neck or back pain might be due to poor posture if the pain feels worse during certain times, such as after sitting or standing for long periods. Pain that begins up at the neck and shoots down the back, goes away after you change postures, or pain that starts up as soon as you get a new job or car, all signals posture-related pain.

Being Mindful of Posture

When you stand up, try to evenly distribute your body weight over your feet, back, and front. When you sit down in a chair, try to take advantage of its functions. Sit erect and line up your hips, shoulders, and ears. Any sitting posture can become tiring over time.  If you are looking to improve a chair you already have, consider a back support pillow to help with ergonomics.

Try to shift forward toward the seat’s edge and keep your back straight, then alternate to leaning back in the chair to give your muscles a break. In addition, try to notice and avoid postures that cause uneven weight distribution in the body, such as crossing your legs too often or tilting your head forward.

Stand up Frequently

As your muscles grow tired, you may be more likely to slump and slouch, which adds pressure to your back and neck. To keep a supported yet relaxed posture, remember to switch your positions frequently. One method for making sure you do this is standing up every 30 minutes to walk, stand, or stretch.  Even better, consider a standing desk that allows you to switch positions during the day.