Are you on your feet at your desk all day? Here's our roundup of 5 anti-fatigue mats for your standing desk.

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Looking for ways to conserve your energy at work? An anti-fatigue mat might be an excellent addition to your home office. A mat like this makes it so you don’t have to worry as much about proper standing posture. At the end of the day, your feet should hurt much less after using one of these products.

Benefits of an Anti-Fatigue Mat

An anti-fatigue mat can be a good way to transition from a sitting desk to a standing desk as it lessens discomfort in your legs and ankles. Here are a few more of the benefits of using one of these mats at work:


When you sit all day at work, you’re putting your spine and the rest of your body under strain. Our bodies are meant to stand and move throughout the day. Adding an anti-fatigue mat to your standing desk will help you increase your core strength. These mats have a cushioned surface that activates the muscles in your body to prevent back pain.

man standing with back pain


Anti-fatigue mats can be used not just with your standing desk, but also in the kitchen or any other area where you plan to stand for many hours. They can be rolled up and put away when you’re not using them and easily taken back out any time. This versatility in function and ease of use make anti-fatigue mats a great addition to your office.


If you buy a mat that’s wide enough, it can help you stretch out your legs during the day. Standing with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart will give you a pleasant stretch and provide you with some variety to prevent fatigue in your feet.

Standing Desk Mats

Best Overall

The Standee Extra Thick Standing Mat

Standee Anti Fatigue Standing Mat, Padded Floor Mats for Standing- Thick for Support and Comfort, 20 x 30 x 7/8 in. - Designed for Office, Kitchen, Home or Cashier use- Ergonomic and Anti Stress Mat

The Standee Extra Thick Standing Mat is designed to give you some additional cushioning for your feet, back, and knees. Although it has some extra thickness, it’s still very stable and makes it much more comfortable to stand for many hours at your desk. It’s made with a low-angle edge to protect you against tripping and is designed to stand the test of time without warping.

The anti-slip features on the Standee Extra Thick Standing Mat help it stay in place, though some report that it still slides around a bit. The black finish on the mat is neutral and allows the product to blend in seamlessly with any office. You can use it at the cash register, in the kitchen, or (of course) in your home office.


  • Reduces foot pain while standing
  • Quality cushioning
  • Feels very stable
  • Good size


  • Slides around sometimes

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Best for Low Back Pain

The Sky MATS Anti Fatigue Standing Mat

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Floor Mat - 3/4' Thick Cushioned Kitchen Rug, Standing Desk Mat - Comfort at Home, Office, Garage - Non Slip, Durable and Stain Resistant (20' x 39', Black)

The Sky MATS Anti Fatigue Standing Mat offers comfortable softness with stable support. Designed to reduce pressure on your lower back and knees by up to 30 percent, it’s a good pick for back pain sufferers. If you accidentally spill liquids on the mat, they’re easy to wipe up without any damage to the product.

Note that the Sky MATS Anti Fatigue Standing Mat slides around a bit on linoleum and other smooth surfaces. For that reason, it may be more suitable for carpeted rooms. Unlike some other products on the market, this mat has a neutral smell.


  • Affordable price
  • May help back pain
  • Good customer service
  • Neutral smell


  • Slides around a bit
  • Edges may lift when you step onto it

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Budget Pick

The AmazonBasics Premium Comfort Mat

Amazon Basics Rectangular Non-slip,Stain Anti Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat for Home and Office, 20 x 36 Inch, Black, 1-Pack

The AmazonBasics Premium Comfort Mat has a supple surface and is made with a supportive base to keep you comfortable through long hours of standing. It has an affordable budget price and works well with bare feet, slippers, or shoes. The mat quickly contours to your feet to support your arches and prevent soreness.

The non-slip base helps it stay in place on all types of floors. You can use it at a cash register, in the workshop, laundry room, kitchen, or office. The gel remains firm, even after using the mat many times.


  • Easy to clean
  • Firm and supportive
  • Contours to your feet
  • Non-curling edges


  • May not last as long as more expensive mats

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Best for Active Standing

The Topo Not-Flat Mat by Ergodriven

Topo Comfort Mat by Ergodriven | The Original Not-Flat Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat with Calculated Terrain | Accessories | Obsidian Black

The Topo Not-Flat Mat is a good pick for people seeking a luxurious anti-fatigue mat for their standing desk. The mat makes it easy to switch between standing and sitting, as you can reposition it with one foot. It inspires varied and active stances, so you feel productive and energized at work.

If you are interested in truly active standing using a wobble board, this mat will help you get used to a dynamic surface.

The Topo Not-Flat Mat is sturdy and built to last and is designed to reduce not only foot fatigue but also back soreness. The material has a nice grip to help both you and the mat stay in place throughout the day. You can use it on any type of floor including linoleum, carpet, or wood.


  • Durable material
  • Anti-slip design
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to move


  • Attracts dust
  • Expensive

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Best Option with a Balance Bar

The CubeFit Terramat

CubeFit Standing Desk Mat - Comfortable Large Anti Fatigue Mat for Standing Desk Office - Terramat Standing Pad for Stand Up Desk - Ergonomic Standing Mat for Standing Desk, Standing Pad (Black)

The CubeFit Terramat is a phthalate-free mat that is naturally resistant to bacteria and absorbs shock to protect your legs and feet. It comes with a full Balance Bar that allows you to do calf raises and works your abdominal muscles. The mat also comes with massage mounds for your feet to keep them from getting sore while you stand.

The TerraMat makes it easy to transition from sitting to standing and can be easily moved out of the way when you’re done using it. The material it’s made with is thicker than average and therefore provides more cushion. It gives you 11 different options for how to stand and keep your body active at work.


  • Massage mounds
  • Balance bar works your abs
  • Phthalate-free material
  • Thicker than average


  • May be too big for some desks
  • Massage mounds are far apart

Check price of the CubeFit Terramat on Amazon.

As you can see, if you’re going to have a standing desk, an anti-fatigue mat is an excellent addition to your workspace.  Hopefully, this article gave you some ideas for the best product for your needs.